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SCOAZ Blog concerns the Supreme Court of the State of Arizona (“SCOAZ”). We offer easy access to SCOAZ filings and deadlines, and original analysis of happenings and emerging trends at the SCOAZ.

We cover cases from 2006 to the present, with certain exceptions for categories of cases that are unlikely to be of general interest to our clients or the Arizona appellate lawyering community.

SCOAZ Blog is a project of Statecraft PLLC. Owing both to our own curiosity and the editorial demands of the blog, Statecraft has developed and maintains the most comprehensive database concerning attorney performance, judicial behavior and temperament, and objective factors predicting success or failure in a given case pending in the SCOAZ. We periodically post portions of our data and findings for public consumption, but most of our data is not publicly available. If you would like to procure data that is not publicly available on the blog, contact Statecraft.

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